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What this is

  • Bits of information that I want to share with other people are published here.
  • Content can range from useless bits of personal information to not so useless (?) items related to
  • Sometimes I jot down my computer programming experiences that are related to my work or hobbies.

What this is NOT

  • A complete work: I write this whenever I have free time. Not based on any plan or framework. I create links first, and may complete the target article later, if ever. So, if there are links in RED, don't follow and more importantly, don't keep your fingers crossed -- it might never be written.
  • Serious work: Well... at lest most of the stuff appear here are not to be taken too seriously. Read the copyright notice if you are so inclined -- but I'll state it here anyway: Most of the content may be useless.

Why bother

Let me explain it this way. I was creating web based dynamic systems back in late nineties, when such things were quite hard. There were not many standard tools for linking databases, other applications and web seamlessly. I spent almost an year writing code for a database-backed, multi-user hydrological analysis system using Oracle's PL/SQL. It worked and I was happy. Then I moved away from the area for a several years before started reading about the subject again. Then I was in for a sort of 'Culture shock'. What we have thought as work has become play and anyone with half a day to spare and a old computer could have a nice dynamic web system going! For an old-timer like me, this is simply magic!

So by doing this, I am sort of enjoying that magic!

Why bother II (a bit serious)

In this site, I may include several kinds of information

  1. The part of personal information that I believe is useful for me to share with the world.
  2. Various information that I need to disseminate to my associates (e.g. Students that I teach and supervise).
  3. Knowledge I collected from doing various things (mostly related to computers, as a hobby) I believe to be useful for others.