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These hacks are dangerous. They have been done as last resort to overcome problems that were otherwise unsolvable. Do not use these in any other situation. Recorded here only as a reference.

Search Not Working

When URL forwarding and very short urls used together my Mod_Rewrite scripts could not handle the search function. The following was done to overcome this problem. Edit the skin.php and change as follows

        function getSearchLink() {
                $searchPage =& Title::makeTitle( NS_SPECIAL, 'Search' );
                #Comment the line below and add the new return line.
//                return $searchPage->getLocalURL();
                return "/index.php?Special:Search";

and change include/SpecialSearch.php as follows

                $title = Title::makeTitle( NS_SPECIAL, 'Search' );
                //hack $action = $title->escapeLocalURL();
                $action = htmlspecialchars("/index.php?Special:Search");
The URL rewriting should not rewrite requests with index.php

Wildcard Search

Template:WikiBrowser:Mediawiki Wildcard Searching

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