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metawikipedia:Dynamic_Category_Map is a very useful extension that allows creation of a nice site map of a mediawiki site. I use this extension in my personal site. However, I made some minor modifications so that all the required files are held in a directory under the extensions. No files would be copied to includes. I felt that this is a much cleaner way of doing things, for then one should not have to worry about where the related files are, in situations like upgrading of mediawiki version.

(Details of the modification are given below. Download the modified version from this link: File:Dymanic Category Map Modified.tar.gz)

  • Here are the changes:
    1. CategoryMap.php
require_once( "$wgDynamicCategoryMapPath/CategoryTravelerBase.php" );
    1. CategoryTravelerBase.php
require_once( "$wgDynamicCategoryMapPath/CategoryNode.php" );
    1. DynamicCategoryMap.php
require_once ("$wgDynamicCategoryMapPath/CategoryMap.php");
  • Then add the following to the LocalSettings.php
require_once ("$wgDynamicCategoryMapPath/DynamicCategoryMap.php");