GFAS Rainfall Estimates

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TRMM or the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission is a joint project between NASA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The Infrastructure Development Institute (IDI)-Japan and the International Flood Network (IFNet) produce the daily real-time rainfall product based on the TRMM 3B42RT data product by combining eight (3h spaced) datasets. The data resolution is 0.25x0.25 degrees.

The algorithm used for 3B42RT is described in the NASA website. The description in this local document is originally from Bureau of Meteorology, Australia.



If you are interested in doing this yourself, feel free to download the central program. cpc-plot.tar.gz (Note: This version is written for CPC Rainfall Estimates, but it should be quite easy to modify it to work for GFAS.