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Searching specific type of files (e.g. Music) with Google

It is rather straight forward to search for a particular file type with Google. Suppose you are searching for an audio files of vivaldi's music.

intitle:(index.of) (mp3|mp4|avi) vivaldi   -html -htm -php -jsp -cf 

will give many pages that contain media files with the name 'vivaldi'. To understand what each of the above keywords and parameters do:

Search in the title for X.
This is a parameter -- most of directory listings will have the world 'index of' (or index_of) index.of is shorthand for anything matching index, then a gap (space, underscore,...), then of
Search for X or Y or Z.
The keyword
-html -htm -php -jsp -cf
Don't return pages with html, htm, php, etc., in them (these are web pages not media files.).

Useful examples

Search for movies on floods, one may try:

intitle:(index.of) (mpg|divx|wmv|avi) -html -htm -php -jsp -cf   flood