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Read the article Mediawiki for personal webs for more detailed coverage on the topic.

This site works using mediawiki system, that is originally intended for collaborative web sites.

mediawiki is not a product intended for creating personal websites. However, I decided that it is a good candidate for my purpose, due to several reasons including:

  • It's easy to edit and maintain.
  • It allows others to participate
  • It is not something that will die tomorrow, for it is GPL and thousands of users are already committed to it by using it as a wiki software.

There was (and still is, and will be :-) ) some mismatches between what mediawiki provided and what I needed. Mediawiki for personal webs is an account of my efforts to tame it as an acceptable personal web site. Nothing original here, almost all these changes are either described in mediawiki documentation or were learned from other people's experiences.


This site is hosted with one of the cheapest web hosting services. You may ask are they good? In a single word, No -- they are far from what an ideal host should be. However, considering that their charges are also small (small enough to do this as a hobby!), I am in no position to complain.