Writing A Thesis in LaTeX

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LaTeX ("lah-tek") is a type setting system created in 1984. It's old, but like some other things good inspite of being old, it works!

The first large-scale project for me to use LaTeX was writing my Masters Thesis in 1998. After that I have been using it on day-to-day basis for many tasks. When I wrote my Doctoral Thesis in 2001, I hacked several LaTeX packages and rigged a system that allowed me to write the thesis easily. Later when some other student asked me for the files, it motivated me to write some explainations and make a set of files that make sense (hopefully?) to others. It has been used by several people to write their thesis, not though nothing fancy, it works.

This pdf file is the output of the template. You may want to download and have a look at it first.

Download the package and get going. (You can open it with a zip program like WinZip.)