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(C) 2006, Assela Pathirana

Most of the stuff here are licensed under a system that allows you to copy and use them for non-commercial uses. (That is if at some day in distant future, it magically starts to have something useful for you!) However, by using them you are bound to

  1. Share your stuff (arising from the stuff you copies from here, not your home and the car :-) ) under the same scheme (allow others to copy and use).
  2. You state that you copied stuff from me.

That is for human readers. If you are a lawyer you may like to read the full license document.

If you are somebody whose stuff I have copied and failed to admit it. Firstly, sorry, it was a mistake and I intend to acknowlege you. Secondly, please drop a mail to me, so that I can immediately correct it.

Computer programs

All the programs hosted here are licensed under GNU General Public License GPL, unless otherwise indicated. A copy of the license can be downloaded from

Please use this e-mail address to contact me, if needed.

(Confused about the strange letters in the e-mail address? Wondering whether to put this address to your contact list? Please read Site FAQ)